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The Problem

As a provider, you face direct pressure to give your patients the best care at an in-network facility. Sometimes the lab that gives you and the patient the best service is a small- or mid-sized lab that doesn’t have contracts with all payers. Insurance companies threaten to kick you out of their network unless you use their preferred laboratory, despite its quality or service. Your patients who are billed out-of-network with your preferred lab receive EOBs showing that they owe huge sums of money, and they come to you in panic. It’s not feasible for you to have many labs in your office to cover all insurance providers, so what can you do besides go to one of the mega-labs?

The solution

LabSynapse creates a seamless, uniform workflow to route all specimens to an in-network laboratory. When you are placing an order for lab services, LabSynapse will display a notification if the patient’s insurance is not in-network with your preferred lab. It will list other laboratories that are a match for the patient’s insurance, and you can simply choose from one of the available matches. All of the specimens that were being run at an out-of-network lab can be routed to an in-network lab with one click of a button. Your ordering process and results will follow the same workflow despite being processed at various labs. This results in great service at the lab of your choice, happy patients that receive in-network rates, and insurance companies who are no longer disgruntled with your lab choices.

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