Clinical Lab Optimization Specialists

For Lab Owners

The Problem

As a lab owner, you are committed to providing your clients and patients with the best possible service, while also optimizing your processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, you are often faced with challenges from insurance companies, who may delay or deny payments for services rendered. This can be frustrating, as you are caught in the middle, with no direct control over the orders or the information provided about patients. To add to the challenge, samples can be lost in transit, leading to further delays and financial losses.

The solution

Sphere’s workflow solution streamlines payer-related requirements by shifting them to the front end at order entry. This furnishes ordering providers with the information they need in a simplified manner, helping to ensure that you are reimbursed for your services as the laboratory. Additionally, Sphere facilitates direct communication between your billing department and the relevant team members, while giving you visibility into these communications. Finally, Sphere provides you with full visibility of each sample from collection to remittance, so you can identify and address any problems promptly.

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