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For Insurance Companies

The Problem

As an insurance company, you desire the best health and care for your patients. You work hard to publish information about which providers are in-network and who will provide the most quality care, with price considered. However, your patients may not know that they need to look at this information once they arrive at their in-network doctor’s office. They end up at an out-of-network lab, and you end up either paying more than you want for the chosen lab service or passing on a large cost to the patient, all because the specimen was sent to an out-of-network lab.

The solution

LabSynapse creates a seamless, uniform workflow for providers to route specimens to an in-network laboratory. You can rest assured that you will receive fewer out-of-network claims, your patients will not receive ridiculous bills, you can spend less time fielding calls from patients and chasing providers, and more time focusing on what matters.

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